Sunday, November 7, 2010

Regency LOL Entries - Help Me Decide

Hello Friends,

As it turns out promoting a novel is almost more work than writing and editing one. Which means, of course, that I have no time to write these days because I'm spending all my time trying to promote my Regency Romance A Very Merry Chase. Anyway, as part of my promotional efforts I am entering a contest....

The Risky Regencies Blog is having their 2010 Regency LOL Competition. I've made up six potential entries. Please help me decide which one to enter.
Smiles and Thank You,

Iz Too Sexy For My Shirt
I Iz Not A Demi-Rep, Wez Just Friends With Benefits
But Mama...I Gotz To Haz Dampened Petticoats....
Luv Inz A Cottage Sux...I Wantz A Dooz Overz...

Somzdez My Duke Will Comez
Shuzh...I Telz Yuz A Wittle Secret. I'm Praqticing Spying on Napolweon....

 Dis Not Regency...Mez In The Wrong Genre!
 Repeatz After Mez...Thou Shalt Not Waltz At Almacks Withoutz Permizzions!
Dis Not Bodice Ripper...Dis Regency Putz On A Shirt!

I Can Haz Two Dukes, Mama Bez So Proud....


  1. i vote for...
    Iz Too Sexy For My Shirt
    because it is simply stated and he is a cutie.

  2. I like the "Wrong Genre" picture best. I think it's the funniest.